Friday, 16 December 2005

My year in alcohol

January - there was no journal as yet. And I can't remember what happened! I was probably drunk.

February - my birthday month :) started my journal. Got drunk.

March - Seems like a lot of partying happened in March. I was drunk a lot

April - A month of work, car-fixing and a taste of emotions. Too busy to get drunk.

May - Meetings, rehearsals and the only time I went to Gozo this year. We got drunk there.

June - My stage debut :) and my first wedding of the year. Where we got drunk.

July - Crushes, Harry Potter, new part-time job, new soon-to-be student status. And 1 very drunk night out.

August - No swimming. Long days at work. A couple of good parties. Very drunk.

September - New phone. 2nd car-fixing experience. 2nd batch of rehearsals. 2nd wedding of the year. My last month as a full-time employee. Of course I got drunk.

October - Started my blog. Full-time student. Aspring actress. Uni parties. Crew party aka the party of the year. Trev's farewell. Very very drunk.

November - 3rd wedding of the year. Harry Potter film 4 released. Name in the papers. Not enough drinking.

December - Season of parties. Already got drunk once.

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