Tuesday, 13 December 2005

Discreteness is key

December 13 - the day that announces the beginning of TV stations collecting money for anything they may need, want, or just because the other station is doing so.

Like December isn't expensive enough! And then you get your phone bill in January and get a shock because it's anything between Lm10 and Lm20 more expensive than usual. But it's for a worthy (subjective naturally) cause.

At least the party season started :) It opened with an open bar party yesterday which was lots of fun. Next parties are scheduled for Friday and Saturday, and then there's the Blogger's meet on the 22nd :) I'm sure there'll be some more partying in between those dates too.


  1. Somehow I find out it's Xmas because my bank account balance never is as low as it is during xmas.

    Thankfully the party season makes up for it!

  2. Heh yes I know the feeling. Unfortunately the party season is one of the main causes of a low bank balance :S


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