Sunday 13 December 2015

Handbag Dilemma

Yes, you can judge this post by the title and safely assume that it's going to be 'trivial' but there really is such a thing as a handbag dilemma, I believe.

See, I tend to buy a new bag and use it to death, and then repeat the process with another bag, and then with another, and you get the picture. The problem is that I end up properly ruining these bags which is a shame because I'm sure that if I treated them a bit better they'd last a lot longer. 

How do I manage to ruin them you might ask? Well, mainly it's because I carry around too much stuff that I don't need but keep with me just in case! I have a pouch that contains a notebook, a pen, tampons, a bag holder, a power bank and cord, a hair clip and probably a couple of other things too. All important stuff really, but it does add to the weight. Then there's my oversized purse, numerous keys, an umbrella, mobile phone, another (larger) notebook and typically something of Tom's (item of clothing, toy, water flask, etc). 

And the reason that I carry all this stuff is because the bag is big enough but when the handles start fraying it's clear that it's not strong enough

So last summer I treated myself to a medium-sized Longchamp LePliage bag which is all kinds of awesome but I've already noticed the bottom getting scuffed - and that bothers me. So I'm now trying to take better care of my bags, but in the meantime I'm also on the lookout for a new one (of course!). 

I'd love to get a small Longchamp in dark grey and I also loved one of the Radley totes, but was then very disappointed to find that they don't ship to Malta (bye bye 50% online discount). 

Does anyone else suffer from this same dilemma or are you all super diligent with your belongings?

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  1. Same as you G. I have so many bags though I have started this thing were every month I rotate the bags hehe.


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