Thursday, 10 April 2014

The All-Knowing yet Elusive Baby Advice

Tom is 2 months (and a week) old - already! It feels like time is flying, yet it also feels like he's been with us forever. Every day is like the previous, yet also different. I suppose that's a good thing because the familiarity is reassuring, yet the changes keep it 'interesting'. Although it can be increasingly frustrating when you think that you've got something figured out and then there's some developmental phase or growth spurt that throws a spanner in the wheels.

The hour change is such a blessing for me. The dark evenings made the first month that bit more difficult, in my opinion. Having more light at the end of the day just gives me that extra boost. And that can make all the difference in the world when there's a baby involved.

I'm starting to take all these baby expert articles with a (large) pinch of salt because, whilst there is some very good advice out there, they seem to be written to make you doubt yourself and have you wondering whether your baby has one of the 'symptoms' they're talking about. More often than not they don't and it's just a baby being a baby. So I keep reminding myself to trust my instincts and make the most of every day because, after all, does it get better when they're older? Or is it just another set of hurdles?

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  1. It is hurdle after hurdle, but you get better at dealing with them as you get to know Tom (and yourself as a mother) more. But you're right, if you're trusting your instinct, you have little to worry about x


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