Thursday, 20 March 2014


People have asked me how motherhood is treating me and how I feel about it. Truthfully, I now adore it. It was tough in the beginning but the "it'll get better" mantra that other mothers preached is in fact true. We're six and a half weeks in and things are already better. The fact that the weather is warmer has also helped tremendously. We go out for a walk every day and the fresh air and sunshine are so welcome. It also helps him sleep which is never amiss.

I also have no issues with the fact that I'm bottle feeding. When I started I knew that it was the way to go and Tom took to it without any problems, but there was always that nagging feeling at the back of my mind. The guilt of not 'trying harder' and battling the pain - although I tried as much as I could and I do believe that my pain was not the 'normal' pain that comes with bf. And also the feeling of inadequacy. 

I spoke to other mothers and I was told to keep at it and that it'll get better. Unfortunately it wasn't/didn't so it really wasn't what I wanted to hear. All I wanted was for someone to say, 'Stop beating yourself up. You tried and that's great. Now feed your baby in the manner that is best for the both of you.' And I think there are many other mothers out there who need to hear those words. They need to be said/written/shared.

It seems that parenthood-land is currently going through a 'natural phase'. Unless you breast-feed and prepare your own food for your child then you're frowned upon - most often, sadly, by other mothers. I wish that we'd realise that we're all in the same boat and that whilst advice is welcome, opinions are probably best kept to oneself unless asked for.

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  1. Anonymous14:34

    You know how strongly I feel about breastfeeding, but I don't think anyone can take that decision except you. You did what was best for you and that makes it best for baby too. What's the point of breastfeeding if it makes you miserable? At the end of the day, we really ARE all in the same boat. Some make it look easier, others think they know best, but we're all learning as we go along and there's no right or wrong way about it, as long as the child is loved. [Well done you, by the way! It took me much longer than six weeks to start enjoying motherhood! :-)]


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