Saturday, 16 March 2013

Moments in Memory

I enjoy photography - taking photos, being in photos and just generally capturing moments. However, sometimes I feel that I (and maybe this happens to others too) focus too much on photos and not enough on the moment

We recently came back from an amazing honeymoon in South Africa where, on Day 5, I had my camera stolen. I was inconsolable for a while and sobbing huge, heaving tears because I had lost hundreds of photos, and it really is a loss, BUT, I was there. I experienced it all. Yes, a  photo serves as a memory, but my own memory should do the same thing. And a photo is a static moment in time, my memory is like a video that captures sound and movement and feelings. I realise that photos last and memory can fade, but hopefully, feelings, if nurtured, will remain.

I was going through the same emotions with my wedding photos, feeling that there weren't enough captures of the evening party - although I have 2 DVDs worth of beautiful photos! And then I needed to stop myself to think back to the day and to how I was feeling. I had an absolutely wonderful time and didn't want it to end. I remember saying 'let's do this all again next week', and I really would've done so, if I could.

At the risk of sounding old and possibly like a broken record, time does pass by an at extraordinary pace and sometimes that's frightening because I don't want to spend my time thinking about how things that have passed might have/could have/should have been better; I want to experience the moment and have good personal memories about it.

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  1. oh god, thats awful, I know how you feel we had our camara stolen in australia and I lost most of my photos from western australia, i didnt care about the camara i just wanted my memory card back, but you are right, the most important thing is the memories and you have soomeone to share them with x


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