Friday, 2 November 2012

The Bride

Well, here's the news since my last blog post. I'm married!!!

It was the best wedding EVER! The best day of my life and I want to live it all over again. We had such a blast throughout the day. I was smiling from moment 1 (which was 4 o'clock in the morning) and nothing waned my smile throughout the day. 

Apparently we had the longest planned wedding in Phoenicia history and yet, it flew! The ceremony was over in an instant and it was probably the best part of the day for me. It was so beautiful and emotional - nothing could beat it. And then the reception was just fun, fun, fun. A whole group of people eating, drinking, laughing and dancing - the perfect recipe. There was one moment when the dance floor was packed and I got a flash of that scene in Mamma Mia when everyone is dancing at the wedding and the water bursts through the floor. It was heaving just like that, only sans water.

This is the best natural high that one can have. 

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