Thursday, 23 February 2012

Goodbye 20s

It's the day before I turn 30! The 30s are meant to be the best years of a woman's life so I'm hopeful ;)

Looking back at my 20s I'd say that they were very good overall. I had my fun, I travelled where possible, I experienced life as a young, single woman and made the most of those years.

Now this is the year that I turn 30, I get married and move on to another stage of my life. I think it's worked out very well actually. I didn't plan it this way, but then again I never had concrete plans. I believe that you should always have goals but ultimately you've got to go with the flow of life, because if you try and stick to goals too much you'll miss out on what's being made available.

Apart from getting married, another event that I'll be doing in my 30s (this coming Sunday in fact) is participating the in Malta Half-Marathon Walkathon. It's 21km and if we can do it in under 4 hours (I think) we get a medal :) Here's hoping...


  1. Anonymous12:14

    The 30s are so much better than the 20s! :-) Good luck with the marathon and happy birthday!

  2. Wow I knew you said your 30th year would be a big one but I had no idea your 30th birthday and your wedding was so close! Maybe I'm not as observant as I thought haha. Either way, welcome (almost) to the 30 club! Its not that bad actually. To be honest I feel no different ( I turned 30 this past July). Though I didn't have a party or anthing of note to celebrate besides dinner and a movie. That's the only thing I would have changed, to celebrate the occassion a lot bigger lol

  3. 30, Gi! How did we get here?!! Have a fantastic day xxx


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