Tuesday, 7 February 2012

February New Year's Resolution

Am I still in time to make a New Year's resolution? I've discovered one that I really must keep (for next year!)

See, I tend to splurge at Christmas time because I love buying presents for people and if I see something that I think is ideal then I'll likely get it... provided it's not too expensive. I have got budgetary limits!

The problems come in January when everyone goes on sale... and I'm scrimping the pennies. It's a sad time and a shame to waste such a great opportunity to bulk up my wardrobe for less.

So my resolution is to budget for next Christmas... and spend some money on myself in January!! ;)

Source: google.it via Irene on Pinterest


  1. ...or... buy gifts slowly throughout the year and put them somewhere safe for Christmas so that the bulk of the money doesn't go out all at one go and you'll have more to spend come January!

    1. Yes that's a good method, I agree.

  2. Resolutions in February are great! And yours is a GREAT plan!


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