Monday, 22 August 2011


After a nap, a washing up session and some dinner I'm feeling a lot better. I don't know whether the washing up had anything to do with it, yet I do find cleaning quite therapeutic at times. Unfortunately I missed Zumba because of my headache. I really wanted to go but the thought of having to drive there and then have an hour of Zumba made my head throb that little bit more.

P had his summer work event today so I conjured up my own dinner which consisted of smoked salmon and scrambled eggs. It's a combination that I've heard about before but had never actually tried because the thought of the two together never quite convinced me. But this evening I decided to give it a shot and it is surprisingly good! It's also something that I can cook when I'm cooking for 1 since P likes neither eggs nor fish.

In a couple of months there's going to be less than a year to go to the wedding and I realise that for many of you out there that's a really long time; however, in Malta we tend to plan in advance. And we're not the worst out there at all! There are couples who plan 3-4 years in advance which I think is a bit insane. However, we're planning and booking and deciding and it's all going well and is proving to be lots of fun so expect some wedding-planning related posts in the near future.

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  1. Anonymous13:25

    At least you can do things in your own time. G had proposed seven months after we met and we got married ten months later but only started planning about seven months before the date. We were lucky that all the people and places we wanted to book were still available, although the videographer thought we were a little crazy when I phoned him two weeks before the wedding to book! :-D


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