Monday, 13 June 2011

Summer Wine

Did you all have a great weekend? I had a pretty good one that included a birthday party, a hen's night (or bachelorette as you might better know it) and two late lunches in the sun with some vino. Always got to have a nice chilled bottle of wine when lunching in the sun :)

Saturday's lunch was fabulous starting off with a tomato bruschetta, followed by a delicious smoked salmon salad. I love it! I could eat smoked salmon all the time. That and rice. Though not together.

It's now my last working week at my present job; my last day is Thursday, so I'm slowly clearing out my desk and desk area. Thankfully I don't have too much stuff to go through because we moved offices a year ago and so I went through all my stuff then, chucking away what was unnecessarily cluttering my drawers. I must remember to take my coloured pens, my bling mouse and my purple vase with flower however.

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