Tuesday, 28 June 2011

New Job, New Car

My second week at my new job has started and it's been great fun till now. To be fair, it's been rather quiet since I joined during print week so everyone was busy with that, while my area, which is online, isn't affected by such deadlines. 

However, I'm envisaging a lot more work coming my way in the coming days and I'm looking forward to it. In the meantime, tomorrow is a public holiday in Malta which is always very welcome :) A day off in the middle of the week? What more can one ask for? ;)

In other news, my brand new car is now on the island! I sat inside it today when I went to sign the registration papers. Now I'm just waiting for it to be baptised with license plates and then I'll be able to drive it! I'm hoping that I'll have it by Friday at the latest. Possible even Thursday. 

This is a mobile pic of my new set of wheels!

The G Mobile


  1. Congrats on your new Smart and your job :)

  2. Anonymous08:21

    I love it!

  3. love it, it's totally gorgeous!

  4. love the car..glad to to hear job going well :)


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