Thursday, 28 April 2011

Will & Kate's Big Date

Tomorrow is the Royal Wedding. I know that many people are up to their ears in news about it but I'm enjoying it all, after all it's only the biggest even in royal history since the Charles and Di wedding (and we all know how that ended up) so here's hoping the couple long and happy days together. After all any couple getting married want their marriage to be happy and successful. Well, maybe if you're marrying someone for a green card not so much...

Perhaps it's only natural that I'm excited because I'm planning my own wedding so things like flowers, dresses and invitations are very important to me at present. Apart from Kate's dress, I'm also curious to see what the mother of the bride will be wearing. I'm sure it was thoroughly vetted by the powers that be. It's also sad that Diana isn't present to witness her eldest son's wedding; I'm sure she would've been stunning.

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