Wednesday, 20 April 2011

Cheers for Tiers

My latest want is a tiered cake stand. Preferably with three tiers and vintage looking. Dainty and pretty that will make biscuits, cake and sandwiches look delicious. To inspire me to have tea parties and fun times around the table with lovely people and delightful conversation. Now I just need to find one.



    I love the pink vintage one, bit pricey but lush!

  2. Anonymous07:47

    Bali Stuff have cake stands and I think I even saw a tiered one. They have a sale on right now so you might even get a good price :-)

  3. Oh thank you so much for your recommendations :) I'll definitely take a look x

  4. Anonymous15:56

    Just thought of you- Homemate have a plain white one, almost like the one you have in the picture for about 25 euros

  5. Ooh thank you :) Might pop down to take a look.


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