Friday, 18 March 2011

It's St. Paddy's Day

Happy St. Patrick's Day! I know I'm one day late... Did you celebrate at all? We had Hot Dog Day at work with a St. Patrick's Day theme and since I took a half day off I went to have my nails done before we went to our local Irish pub for an afternoon and evening of Guinness (for Paul) and Magners (for me). Even wearing really low wedges can lead to burning heels after standing for 8 hours! Thankfully we had the day off today too so it was ok to sleep in.

Happy St. Patrick's Day


  1. Looks like a great St. Paddys! (minus the burning heels!) xo

  2. Hi, thought I would introduce myself, I have just discovered your blog and love it! I am half irish but was a bit of a party popper and did not celebrate this year :( Sounds like you had a good one :)

  3. oooh love the chair on the new header!!

  4. @Gertrude - it was lots of fun. I love St. Paddy's!

    @The Fish - welcome :)

    @Kle - thank you :)

  5. I wish people celebrated it here lol. Looks like a lot of fun.


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