Friday, 25 March 2011

Can I Touch It?

The iPad 2 is going to be officially released and on sale in less than an hour in the UK. Apparently the queues outside the Apple Store(s) are remarkable. I've used the original iPad and it is a very cool gadget, but when it was released I had just bought my laptop which at the time was a greater priority. 

But now? Now I'm thinking, it might be time to treat myself. 

I've still got the 1st gen iPhone and although I would love the iPhone 4, it makes much more sense to buy the iPad 2. (I don't use my phone very much). So I might just buy myself a new toy!

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  1. Anonymous18:39

    If you go with a student who has a UK University library card you will benefit from a 15% discount from the apple store. I managed with mine..


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