Thursday, 3 February 2011

Engagement Dress

I finally managed to find a proper picture of the dress that I bought for my engagement dinner. I've only worn it for that occasion till now however I might wear it for my birthday this year too. It's too lovely to just wear once.

The neckline is part of the dress and not a separate necklace. I wore it with long, slightly chunky silver earrings and my ring (of course!)


  1. It's a very cool dress. Are you doing anything special for your birthday?

  2. Anonymous12:38

    I love the colour and the neckline!! How's the planning coming along?

  3. @Cola - thanks :) We'll be going out for lunch on the day itself. Not sure what I'll be doing other than that.

    @Josepha - thank you. I loved the colour too :) Planning is at a halt at the moment because we're still waiting for a quote from a very inefficient person!

  4. Anonymous20:10

    Couldn't agree more with @josepha.. Colour is amazing.I'm sure everything will fall into place with the planning- if we can be of any help in anyway let us know.

  5. Anonymous15:07

    lovely colour g!and don't worry about planning...plenty of time left. enjoy being engaged! :-D


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