Monday, 24 January 2011

Love Sprinkles


  1. Anonymous20:35

    For wedding souvenir? tres cool and useful..that way people will always think of you when cooking. Other souvenir ideas were:
    1. love hearts Christmas decorations (obviously they were married in December).
    2. Salt and pepper shakers
    3. a bookmark (but on it there was written that a donation was given instead of souvenirs-we still use the bookmark).
    4. a fan-Summer heat (still use it)
    5. Flip flops- summer & high-heels (still use them).

  2. Actually I just found the picture and liked it. Thanks for the ideas :)though December would be out of the question :)
    Salt and pepper shaker I like, as long as they're not too bulky.
    Bookmark is a bit dull imo. Fans, I had got one too - ok but it's not unisex. Same thing for the heels. I don't like the idea of having souvenirs that are only for the women.


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