Sunday, 12 December 2010


Those who know me personally already know the news; for you others... I got engaged!!

On 19th November 2010 to be exact is when Paul proposed and I said 'Yes'. Although it started out as more of a visual proposal rather than a vocal one.

OK, here's how it went.

I returned from a business trip to London so he called for me from the airport and waited outside by the car with a large bouquet of flowers behind his back. As I was walking toward him I could see the flowers, given the size of the bouquet and as he handed them to me, I took them smiling and ever so graciously said 'I could see them behind your back you know'!! Charming aren't I?!

Thankfully it didn't phase him and he said 'Ah but can you see it?'

*Huh? What's he on about?* I thought to myself looking very puzzled. -'What?'

'Can't you see it?' he repeated.

So I look into the bouquet and there it was, nestled in the petals of a semi-open red rose, an engagement ring.

I stared at it and then up at him and I said You have to ask me though. My charming self coming through once again. He replied I'm asking you indirectly. So I took the ring out from the rose and I gave it to him so that he'll place it on my finger and he said Is this your answer indirectly? Then I realised what was happening and I was like No, no, that's not what I meant! So then he asked and I replied and there was no confusion to be had.

Oh, and he also asked for my father's permission while I was away :)

This is the bouquet with the ring. And a close-up of the ring.

So now we're starting to plan the wedding which, in Malta, is a rather big affair, although we're trying our best to control numbers. The plan is not to have a typical Maltese wedding, which are stand-up affairs where you just mingle and talk, and if you're lucky, dance. Since Paul is half-Irish we're going to combine Irish tradition with a bit of a Maltese tradition. I won't give away too much right now because it's still early days, but safe to say that it'll be different.


  1. Diane Brincat00:42

    OMG cute!!!

  2. Anonymous06:47

    congratulations! that's wonderful news!

  3. So cute! When are you planning to get married?

  4. Thanks all :)

    @Cola - we're hoping for Oct 2012

  5. So pretty and congratulations again! Ee :D x


    I love the bouquet and the whole idea of a ring in a flower :D


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