Thursday, 14 October 2010

Because you inspire...

Yesterday it occurred to me just how far into the year we are. We're already mid-October - Christmas is just over 2 months away. That's nothing! Although what really made me realise is that my birthday is just 4 months away... ;)

This year has been a good one (until now and hopefully it will get even better!) It's also been a very different one for me in terms of lifestyle with a few twist and turns thrown in for good measure, as well as some firsts.

For example, it's the first time that:
  • I'm no longer living at home (OK I technically moved out last November, but it's coming up to a year)
  • I'm in my longest relationship of my life
  • I've attended weddings abroad
  • I've made a pasta sauce from scratch!
  • I've learnt that disagreements are a part of relationships and help to strengthem them (yes, it took this long!)
  • I've felt truly independent (mainly due to the living situation)
This year has been mainly about P and I - how after our not-very-smooth start we came together and found a happy place where we can be ourselves and be in each other's company.

How has this year treated you so far?


  1. what a sweet post :) i'm quite surprised by how far along 2010 we are too... i'm already struggling to hold myself from buying new Christmas decorations lol. it's been a good year, as you know - though i think it's passed so quickly for me because it feels like the last 3 or 4 months didn't really happen in the sense that i was so out of it, i couldn't enjoy them. i'm determined to make up for it over the next couple of months tho :) xx

  2. I know what you mean about Christmas decorations! I'll be having a Christmas tree again this year :) [I haven't had one in recent years] so I'm really looking forward to dressing it up in new ornaments! x


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