Thursday, 19 August 2010

Skimming the Waves

We spent a glorious couple of hours on my friend's RIB (rigid inflatable boat) a couple of days ago. It was a very impromptu decision taken just that morning, so we met after work when the sun was high enough to be warm, but had set enough to not be scorching hot.

We made our way out of the harbour and into the open sea where she pushed the throttle and we were bouncing across the waves. The first bay we stopped at wasn't ideal for swimming so we decided to move on to the next one, which thankfully was lovely and clear. We dropped the anchor and all jumped in. Funnily enough both boys don't enjoy swimming so they didn't spend too long in the sea; us girls were happy to bob around chatting.

After a while we climbed aboard and chilled till just before sunset and then made our way back to the marina.

We were only out for a couple of hours but it was enough to relax and have a laugh, especially because it was so spontaneous. Which is a good reason why your bikini waxing appointments should be frequent in summer!

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