Tuesday, 19 May 2009

Big Bang Theory

I've just started watching 'Big Bang Theory' as recommended to me by my colleague, who very kindly also provided me with the episodes, and it's hilarious!

I haven't seen many comedy series recently and this one is just brilliant! I think if you liked 'Two Guys and a Girl' and/or 'Friends' then it should probably tickle your fancy too. A lot of the dialogue is extremely scientific and can go over one's head but it all adds to hilarity of it all.

The episodes are approximately 25 minutes each one so it's a good portion of time and means that you can watch a few episodes after each other. I've just seen the first three and I am seriously amused (I guess that's an oxymoron - geekness can rub off from the show apparently!)

Highly recommended so rent it, buy it, download it, stream it... whatever your chosen method, just watch it!

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