Monday, 2 March 2009

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Since coming back from London I've got back into work and 'routine' although the house looks like we're moving out because we're doing up the bedrooms and changing furniture and everything is just spread out in the dining room/living room/sitting room/corridor... I have summer clothes in my shower cubicle! I'm taking baths for the moment. But everything should be done by the end of the week and we've got the weekend to get everything back in order!

Next Monday I'm off to Sicily for 4 days which should be fun, because I've never been to Sicily and apparently it's very pretty :) I'm hoping that the weather remains sunny.

My birthday last week was low-key and very enjoyable. Just a few drinks after work and it was all I wanted really. I got some cute presents too which are always nice hehe! This evening I met Niki for supper after work and she gave me my birthday present which are lovely leather gloves and a gorgeous pair of earrings :) So it's always fun when birthdays drag out for a little while.

I desperately need a massage because my neck is flaring up in pain :( Perhaps exercise will help too and tomorrow I'm going to 'play' tennis after work! I'm also trying to eat only fruit during my lunch break because eatings carbs just make me tired throughout the afternoon and too many carbs are not doing my waistline any favours!!

I'm now going to start working on a new website project that I've got in mind. No details yet, but I'll keep you updated with tidbits ;)

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