Sunday, 26 October 2008

The girl in me

It's been a busy Saturday but a productive one! Woke up early as usual... can't seem to sleep in later than 7:15 on any given day. And even though it's past midnight now meaning that I should wake up later tomorrow morning, we turn the hours back tonight so if I had to wake up at 8:00 it would actually be 7:00! Drat!

At 9:00 a.m. my mother and I went to San Gwann to buy boots. We didn't end up buying boots but we did buy some clothes :) I got myself a lovely black jacket and a white casual hooded top. I also bought a purple vase for my desk at work and an a hairband with two large alien eyes sticking out of it for the Halloween party at work next Friday LOL! And we also got a new laundry basket, and since I do the laundry in the house I was happy with that too.

I did try on some great knee high boots which I will consider buying once the pay comes in but I saw another pair at Benetton that I want to try on first before committing to a pair. And I also saw a gorgeous pair of shoes in petrol blue - LOVE that colour, so very tempted to buy those too!

I got out my thicker quilt today because I felt a bit cold last night so once I was in a room raiders kind-of-mood, I swapped around 2 bits of furniture, and just gave my room a general once over. I think it looks better but I have sooo much stuff :/ Can't wait to buy some new furniture that includes a LARGE wardrobe!

I planned to catch up on my series-watching today, and I finally settled down at 5:30 and watched Season 1 Eps 11 - 16 of Heroes (yes I'm very backwards I know). This is the first year that I'm watching any of these series shows and until now I've seen all Season 1 of 24 (I have the box set of Season 2 waiting - lent by a colleague) and I've watched 3/4 of Season 1 of Heroes (just 5 or 6 episodes to go which I have on DVD (burnt by another colleague!) They're feeding me with material to watch hehe. Until now I like both shows but I think I prefer Heroes. I'm also meant to be getting Dr House which apparently is very good. I like Hugh Laurie so I'm looking forward to watching that. I don't think I'm going to bother with Prison Break or Lost - definitely not for the moment anyway!

I really want to go abroad. I've got that urge, that need to have a holiday to look forward to! I'm considering going to visit Matt in Germany again but I'm not sure yet. I don't really fancy going abroad alone at the moment.

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