Friday, 10 August 2007


I have a job! Yes, a full-time job :) I start on Monday.

I'm the administrator with an estate agents whose offices are very close to my house - that means no car, which means no parking problems, which means no petrol expenses. Fabulous!

Whilst I am probably slightly over-qualified for the role it seems to be an interesting one and the atmosphere in the office seems to be a good one. Anyway I'm very happy about it. Finally regain some stability once again.

Tomorrow there are auditions for panto. I still haven't learnt my monologue off by heart but I kind of know the sequence of it in my own way. Plus I need 2 songs and the sheet music. I don't own sheet music and it seems impossible to find it online for free. I shall see what I can bum off other people! I have a feeling that there are going to be many, many people auditioning (like there were for the One Acts). If I don't get selected then I'll try and save up to go abroad in December; if I do get selected then I'll postpone to February and go away for my birthday. It would be nice to get chosen though. I'd like to do at least one panto!


  1. good luck and all the best (both with your new job and panto) :)

  2. No posts since starting your new job. Should we be happy for you or worry?


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