Friday, 9 February 2007

February - my month

It's my birthday month! 15 days and I'll be 25 *gasp* Age really is a matter of perspective isn't it? I don't quite remember, but I'm sure that when I was 10 I thought I'd be settled at 25, but that's hardly the case. However, at almost 25 I'm not too bothered about it. What is settled anyway?

Married? With the laws in this country? Yeah right!
Have my own place? With the property prices? Yeah right!
A job? Well, I've got 2 so I guess I'm making up for the other areas! :)

I'm going to watch Audacity on Sunday so that's something to look forward to. And there is so much theatre on this month that I don't know how I'm going to manage to watch everything!

Only 5 days left until Valentine's Day (and red balloons and hearts everywhere) and then we can live in peace for another year!


  1. Do you ever get the feeling that everyone is getting too obessed with "settled" life! Mind, I'd love a job and my own place...

    Anyway - Happy Birthday!

  2. Trust me, you can be married and have your own place and still not be settled. After all, 'settled' just means that you've fallen into the routine that you're going to follow until you're too old to stand up - and who wants that?

    Enjoy Audacity - if you don't, it's 20% my fault...

  3. You're both right (of course!) Settled is not all it's cut out to be, but sometimes I think it can be a bit, erm, settling! Not routine, but more like security I suppose.

    Andre - thanks for the b'day wishes

    Mal - I'm sure I'll enjoy it, well at least 80% of it ;)

  4. It's soon someone's birthday!!! I'll probbably be seeing you on Sat. Cor xxx


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