Tuesday, 8 August 2006

Bulletin Board

* Bloggers' Meet is taking place on Thursday, 10 August at 21:00 20:00 at Balzan Band Club (in the yard). Feel free to turn up later if you like :)

* There are 2 band clubs in the pjazza; we are going to the one that is in front of the front door of the church which has a large zuntier. The band club has a green door and about 4 steps leading up to it.

* You can get to it either by passing through St. Anthony Street in Attard (which is the street behind San Anton Gardens) and then turning right at the end of the street when you reach Percius; keep driving down and you'll come to the Church.


Through B'Kara; pass McDonalds, get to Papillon Cafe, turn round the little roundabout and go up the street on your right which is straight ahead (don't turn right again). Keep going straight till you reach Qronfla and the Balzan Pharmacy, keep going straight up and you're in the pjazza.


From the B'Kara bypass, once you reach the Lija roundabout; keep to your left, and turn around the Pasta factory (yellow building - if it still is) [do not head into the road of Smart supermarket]. Keep going straight and you'll get to the Dolphin Complex, turn right and keep going straight up, which will take you past Qronfla, etc.

* I hope I haven't confused you too much! It's not difficult... really!

* Feel free to bring your better halves with you, or your good-looking, single, male friends :) [ages 24-30 please hehe]

* Food is available from the bar, and drinks are mandatory. It's a very very relaxed place, no waiters scurrying about to make sure that your water glass is filled :)

* Now I'm off to Valletta to buy shoes :)


  1. hey g, i am going to do my very very best to come. thanks for directions. will make my way there, then phone hubby for a lift.

  2. you can bring him along :) if it's a lift that you need don't worry... I'll call for you.

  3. 9pm seems oki for me and better half:))

  4. Damn it wht about the gorgeous single ready to mingle hot females invitation.
    Such sexual discrimination, Bloody SACRILEGE.

    btw loved the Oscar Wilde quote.

  5. g give me a call on 21470261 pls. that's my place of work.thanks

  6. I know it's late, but thanks a whole lot for the directions to the Balzan Band Club! :)


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