Friday, 18 August 2006


I know I haven't written since the bloggers' meet... I just haven't been in the mood. To be quite honest, I'm not feeling it now either but I thought, might as well put down a couple of words to show that I'm still breathing.

Firstly the meet was great fun. From the drive there, picking up Toni, Maltagirl and Hsejjes on the way, until we left the band club, which was punctuated by visits from Queen Pea, Reesa and hubby, Coemgen, and Kenneth and gf.

Another one will be organised in a couple of month's time for those who missed it, or thought that it wasn't worth attending!

Ok, really not in the mood...


  1. Wow! ...and I thought I was not in the mood.

  2. awww g, it must be the heat...


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