Sunday, 9 July 2006

The world returns to normal soon

I decided to watch the big final in the comfort of my own home - bed, TV and fan. And my PC for when I'm bored, which was for most of the game! I've listened to it more than watched it. I watched my two favourite adverts though during half time :)

The Budweiser 'The Wave' Advert which I think is amazing! It is so meticulously carried out and just appropriate for the World Cup.

The other is the Peugeot Ladybird Advert which I find hilarious. And I wonder if it has boosted sales? But those ladybirds are so frisky!! It doesn't even seem like they knew each other before they had their little romp on the dashboard! :)

Today was a day off from rehearsals cos they had a line and cue, and when you have two lines, you're exempt :) So I slept a lot. I did do my bit for the promotion of the play though on Friday when the case went to Melita for a drink, along with a box full of promotional bookmark/flyers. Being the 'newbie' to theatre, Alan jokingly suggested that I distribute flyers to the patrons at the other tables, so I agreed! I went to each table, gave them a few bookmarks, and a synopsis of the play and told them that if they want to have a fantastic evening in July then they ought to come and watch us! Et voila`! I can speak to groups of hundreds of people, I can be on a podium or stage with people watching me and I can go up to strangers and promote something. I don't have a problem with that. But not if it's something personal that affects me directly. Then it's beetroot face and blank mind and lost chances. Such are the inconsistencies of life.

We're into extra time... I'm bracing myself for the carcades. I'm not bothered who wins now, cos I predicted 2-1 at the 90 mins and it wasn't.


  1. Italy won the cup. :D

  2. Yes the hoards of carcades and revelling and shouting that went on just underneath my window gave the result away :P As did the neighbours playing 'Notti Magiche' at full volume. But I'm glad that they won, and I still managed to sleep!

  3. Still sleeping?? :p

  4. I wish I was; I could do with it!

  5. Hmmm.. WC is over now. What next.


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