Monday, 17 July 2006

Got the balls?

I work in an office with 3 men, and a department with 7. There are 2 females in the department... the other is a foreigner who's away for a month at the moment. Having two elder brothers means that I'm very comfortable in a male environment and clearly this shows, because the words 'Don't say those things, there's a female in the room' stopped after my first two weeks of being there. So I get to enter the guy world and listen to comments about asses and boobs and cars and motor-racing and football scandals and fishing and pints of beer. Moreover this is the 'geek' department with people working on two screens, typing code and using buzzwords. So seeing them thoroughly amused by Darth Vader was a very normal occurrence.

You'd think that all this insight into the male psyche would help me understand them better, but it hasn't! All it's done was teach me a few more words and phrases, although 'shafting' is not a word that I think I'll be using anytime soon.


  1. Hahaha... you getting some first hand lessons on the male dictionary I guess ;)

  2. The male dictionary.....tee hee hee, miskina!


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