Saturday, 24 June 2006

Tag Entries... just hekk!

Accent: I think regular, ppl say British
Booze: Vodka & Orange
Chore I Hate: Ironing!
Dog or Cat: Dogs... I really really want one!!!
Essential Electronics: Anything that will do things so that I don’t have to
Perfume: Ghost (which has finished for me)
Gold or Silver: White Gold
Home: Malta
Insomnia: Rarely. I can sleep anywhere… and dream!
Job Title: Untitled hehe
Living Arrangements: Home
Most Admirable Traits: I give good advice
Number of Sexual Partners: I got lost after 43… :P
Number of times in hospital: 2… once I went in inside a stomach and came out in a cot, the other time I went in inside an ambulance and came out walking!
Phobias: I’m not keen on the dark
Religion: Catholic
Siblings: Two elder brothers
Time I Wake Up: Depends on what work I have
Unusual Talent or Skill: I can spell when drunk!
Vegetable I Love: Potatoes!!!!
Worst Habit: Texting when drunk oops
X-Rays, Last time: Never
Yummy Food I Make: Scrambled eggs on toast?!?
Zodiac Sign: Pisces… it’s all in the water


Most Desired Celebrity -
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Comment: the ideal man

Want to visit this place -
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Comment: San Francisco just looks amazing

Want to do this someday -
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Comment: I want to do the backpacking travel thing

Tagged by Me
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Comment: I understand what you mean about not wanting to do a picture post again!


  1. Lol.. this one's good ;) And yeh picture tags suck big time.

  2. lol I too have a bad habit of texting when a bit tipsy! And I usually say some things which I might regret!

  3. Yummy Food I Make: Scrambled eggs on toast?!?

    Do you, by any chance, have anything against those persons whose culinary skills do not go past the "I only know how make scrambled eggs on toast"??

    Let's be positive. At least we know how to make that and let's face it, making scrambled eggs on toast is not an easy job.

    Take for example my last two attempts. They included spilling all the egg yolk on the floor (good thing mum was away) and forgetting to put some butter in the pan before putting in the eggs so won't stick.

  4. Me - yet u made me do one! Grrr :P

    Andre - of course, it's always things that make you cringe when u remember abt them the next time u're sober!

    Kenneth - scrambled eggs are a culinary delight, tho most ppl don't like the way I have mine cos I don't make them light and fluffy. It's more like dry and slighty crispy, which I then coat in pepper!

  5. Which reminds me that I have been forgetting to add pepper...

  6. Wow you managed the picture tag beautifully. Mine went all over the place...haqqq!!!
    *glares at ME and G for getting it right first time round*

  7. lolol funny lady!


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