Sunday, 4 June 2006

It's all about Michael Owen

First final tomorrow, but I'm not worried. Actually I'm more worried about the fact that I'm not worried that about the exam! Mah!

Then Sting on Tuesday which should be very cool :)

Holiday on Wednesday (but not really! hehe)

And then Friday it all starts... yep, for some reason I am very excited about this World Cup! I have my St.Patrick's-Day-style England hat ready, my scores for the pools (cos what's a sporting event without a bit of gambling) and my best cheering voice. The only thing I lack is the appreciation of beer, which, so I'm told, adds to the flavour of the game. But I'm a stereotypical female when it comes to alcohol and will make do with alcopops :) Or vodka in any case!

And now it's back to the files that have found refuge on my bed for the past 2 weeks - I knew that buying a big big bed would come in useful - and trying to figure out research methods *sigh*


  1. Ughhh! Research methods!!! Don't remind me! I hated it!!! Hope your exam went well today and good luck for the others.:))

  2. Yeh Vodka is better than Beer. so true.. Heard that the Sting concert is one of the biggest in Malta. I'm still sitting my ass in Austria :(


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