Friday, 23 December 2005

Do you think I'm intimidating?

The Gathering of the Bloggers was fun yesterday although I went late and missed the award ceremony and the food!! But it was still good to meet some fellow bloggers and I got the award for the Most Entertaining Blog, although I still cannot figure out how that happened! It is in fact now stuck to the botom right hand corner of my monitor as was advised to me by Maltagirl. Reesa figured out who I was once she saw me!, I met Robert who looks just like his picture - tie and all :P, and had a really good conversation with Mistoqsija (and her man) and will now start to read her blog!

This morning I met up with Mr. Wired Temples himself for coffee in the city, and a bar of Pepermint cream (which I have yet to eat and will then blog about - duh!). I was terribly late as I have problems with punctuality (and waking up!) but we still managed to have a decent chat over a cappucino and fresh orange juice, about quite a diverse range of topics. Now we just have to wait and see if the first impresions will be maintained :P


  1. And whoever said you were intimidating ma jafx x'inhu jghid. LOL! You were great company. ;)

  2. Better late than never ;-) I'm just sorry we didn't really talk! (an excuse for another get-together, heheh)

    I realised why I hadn't read your "year in alcohol" post, by the way - it's because I had forgotten to put your "real" blog in my aggregator! I will now, wouldn't want to miss any others... since you're so ENTERTAINING :-P

  3. I wish you all the best for the festive season. Thanks for the link. Keep up the blogoentertainment:)

  4. Hehehe - it was really nice to see you... again! hope it doesn't take another bloggers meal for us to meet again! Oh, and viva Shakespeare!


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