Tuesday, 1 November 2005

Roads are for cars; Pavements are for pedestrians

Few things irritate me more than people walking in the middle of the road, or towards the side but still in the way of oncoming traffic. I find it incredibly selfish, and then they give you bad looks when you pass by within a centimetre of them! If you were walking where you were meant to be walking I wouldn't have had to come so close to you. It's not like I want to anyway. Unfortunately for them, and in a legalistic way for me too, I would have no problem hitting somebody if they were in my way. Not injuring them of course, but just knocking them slightly. It wouldn't affect me in any way... which either makes me insensitive or someone with murderous intentions (possibly both on certain days). Obviously if that had to happen there would be serious repurcussions and... the driver would get it! Because it is never the fault of the pedestrian! I wanted to walk in the middle of the road because there's more space. Gah! I wonder if there are laws about this...
And, whilst I'm on a rant, if you don't know how to park, do NOT go to university with your car. Parking is an important aspect of driving, and you need to be able to park in a tight space on a hill with a car waiting behind you, before you should even consider entering university with a car. The amount of wasted space is incredible because of imbeciles who leave half a car-space between their bonnet and the bumper of the car in front of them, just so they can get out easily. Gah! Amateurs...


  1. *grin*
    It's people like you who actually run over the irritating pedestrians that keep me in a job!

    Keep on it, G! I could do with some more business coming my way!

  2. But I don't run them over... hence the irritation.

    Ix-xoghol hazin babe? :P

  3. I see that nothing's changed on the parking front at the venerable UoM :-)

  4. I see that nothing's changed on the parking front at the venerable UoM :-)

  5. Hehe no such luck!

  6. hi g.
    thanks for your comment in my blog.
    will link to yours as soon as I am back in luxembourg - if you see i have not done so after some time just give the old amnesiac a comment and I will remember!


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